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Confirmation of booking must be made in writing, and accompany the requested deposit within the designated period.  If this is not the case, the Mandavilla Event Centre reserves the right to cancel the booking and allocate the space to another client.  Once the signed contract and deposit(s) are received, the booking is then confirmed.  Until such time the booking will remain "tentative". If the deposit amounts have been paid and the signed contract is still outstanding, the Mandavilla Event Centre will make the assumption that the client accepts all of the terms and conditions of acceptance.  Function Room Hire charges are subject to change in relation to the number of guests attending. Mandavilla Event Centre reserves the right to re-assess and modify any original specifications for this space in the event of a reduction in numbers.


It is the organiser's responsibility to ensure all their guests behave in an orderly manner during the Event.  The Mandavilla Event Centre reserves the right to remove any guest/s from the premises if they behave in a manner unreasonable or potentially disruptive towards the well being of the other guests and staff.

Booking Fee

A Booking Fee of $2000.00 is required as confirmation of your booking.


Mandavilla can tentatively hold your date for 7 days after a consultation with a coordinator. No date will be held without a consultation. If then after the 7‐day period a booking fee has not been received the date will no longer be held. Booking fee is deducted from your final invoice.

CONFIRMATION DEPOSIT – booking fee must be paid, no exceptions.

All reservations must be confirmed with a coordinator. Booking fee applicable for all rooms; $2000.00 is required to secure the date.

This amount is deducted from the final amount due. Credit card payments accepted (fee incurred).


A progress payment of $5000.00 is required 8 months prior to Event date.

Note: A Tax Invoice will not be submitted for this deposit. GST is not applicable on this deposit as no service has been provided. This deposit amount is consideration for the agreement, not a goods or services. This deposit amount will be attributed to the total account (including GST) of the conference.

If the confirmed Event is cancelled the forfeited deposit is considered a taxable supply and GST will be payable in the period the deposit was forfeited.


All Cancellations are required in writing.

If you cancel your confirmed booking, the following conditions apply:

0 – 3 months prior to event – total projected revenue will be payable.

3 – 9 months prior to event – 30% of total projected revenue will be payable.

9 – 12 months prior to event – Any deposit retained.

12 months and over – deposit returned on re booking of Event room.

Cancellation conditions are regardless of when deposit was paid.


If any strike, act of God, inclement weather, or any other event beyond reasonable control, which prevents Mandavilla Events from hosting your event Mandavilla Catering Services will not be obliged to refund any part of the deposit or progress payments made.


In the case of needing to transfer your wedding date, you must put your request in writing and also confirm your new date with an additional progressive payment of $500.00.  There would also be an administration charge of $300.00.


Menu Selection         Menus must be confirmed 14 days prior to Event date.

Dinner Menu             If the menu for your dinner has not been chosen prior to 72 hours of when it is to be served, the Executive Chef will select which menus to be given to your delegates taking into consideration the available produce.

Prohibition                It is the organiser's responsibility to ensure guests do not bring any food or beverage into the Mandavilla Event Centre.

Beverages                   Half an Hour of Pre-Dinner Drinks including Champagne & Orange Cocktails, Soft Drinks, (applicable only to Romance & Extravaganza Packages.  The remaining 5 hours will be served in the reception room.  Any spirits served during the evening will either be served on a cash or consumption basis or can be added to the package at an additional charge.  Any spirits bought into the Mandavilla Event Centre requires prior approval and will incur a $6.00 corkage fee per person.

Alcohol Service        The Mandavilla Event Centre upholds the principles of Responsible Service of alcohol and in accordance with the Liquor Licence applicable, the Mandavilla Event Centre reserves the right to refuse service to persons suspected of being under the age of eighteen years and to any person who shows signs of intoxication. The Mandavilla Event Centre reserves the right to remove the offending guest/s from the premises or to close the bar entirely.

AUXILLARY STAFF   These are charged half price on your quotation contract, i.e Disco and D.J., Master Of Ceremonies, Photographers and Video graphers. No Alcohol to be consumed by Auxiliary Staff


Event Times              Organiser agrees to begin function at scheduled time and agrees to have Their guests; invitees and other persons vacate the designated function space at agreed completion time. Should an extension of time be required, a fee of $600 is charged per half hour & an extra fee of $100.00 each for the DJ and MC to continue is also required.

Content of                  If the Mandavilla Events Centre has reason to believe that an event or any part of it will affect the smooth

Event                            operation of the Mandavilla Event Centre business, its security or reputation, the Management reserves the right to cancel/stop the function or any part of it at their discretion without notice or liability.

Audio Visual             If an audio visual or theming company is appointed for your Event, all requirements and details must be approved by Mandavilla Event centre to ensure they correspond with the Mandavilla Event Centre requirements and do not affect the daily operation.

Entertainers              All plans must be approved by the Mandavilla a minimum of 14 days prior to the function. The outside contractors must liaise with the Mandavilla in all matters of delivery, set up, break down in accordance with the Mandavilla Function centre Occupational Health and Safety code and indemnify the Mandavilla Event Centre against any liability or injury arising from the contracted event. They must provide public liability documents.

Additional                 The Mandavilla Event Centre will be pleased to arrange a variety of additional services upon requests, such as entertainment, technical equipment, etc. A charge may be incurred for some services.  If the function is cancelled, such service charges will be your responsibility. Free menu Tasting for Bride and Groom with a minimum of 6 guests with the other four paying $65.00 per person. Only applicable to Romance & Extravaganza Packages.

Signage                       In public areas of Mandavilla Event Centre signage should be kept to a minimum and must have prior approval by the Mandavilla Event Centre management.

Advertising               Prior permission is required to use the Mandavilla Event Centre name and/or logo in print and/or audio-visual display. All proposed artwork must be approved by the Mandavilla Event Centre prior to publication.


Guaranteed number of guests attending all meals is required 14 working days prior to the function. This is the minimum number of guests you will be charged for or final head count on the day, whichever is greater.

If no guaranteed number is received, the original number reserved or final head count, whichever is greater, will be charged. No refund will be given for non attendance of guests, once final details have been completed.


The Mandavilla Event Centre will endeavour to take all possible care but accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of equipment, merchandise or other property left on the premises prior to, during and after the Event. The Mandavilla Event Centre will not organise or be responsible for any deliveries or courier requirements. The Mandavilla Event Centre advises that guests carry their personable valuables at all times.

The Organiser is financially responsible for any damage sustained or loss incurred, to the Mandavilla Event Centre property, carpet, fixtures or fittings, whether through their own action or the action of their guests, appointed agents, contractors or sub-contractors prior to during and after the function. The Organiser is to ensure that nothing is nailed, screwed, stapled, pinned or adhered to any wall, door, ceiling furnishing or other surfaces or part of the Mandavilla Event Centre.

Any deliberate damages, breakages or vandalism to our property, will be paid for by the Client and will be invoiced directly after the function.


Client shall pay (the balance or full amount contracted for the event) 14 working days prior to the event. Settlement of Event charges may be made by cash, bank cheque or direct deposit. A 2% fee will be Applied to Visa, Credit Card or Master Card payments.


Complimentary one hundred and fifty-one car spaces for guests attending Mandavilla Event Centre.

At the conclusion of the Event, the Event Organiser shall instruct guests to leave the property in an orderly fashion, promptly and nuisance free to the adjusted neighbouring building and on exiting the car park.


All rates are quoted in Australian dollars. Every endeavour is made to maintain prices as printed but theses may be subject to change at the discretion of the Mandavilla Event Centre, particularly in the event of tax alterations by the government. Please note that all rates quoted include the Goods and Services Tax.


Should the Mandavilla Event Centre be unable to provide the facilities reserved due to circumstances beyond our control, no further claim other than the entitlement to a full refund of any deposits paid may be made. The Mandavilla Event Centre will endeavour to provide the organiser with reasonable notice.


In accordance with the Smoke-Free Environment Act 2000, there is to be no smoking in any venue where a meal is being served. Penalties may apply. The Mandavilla Event Centre must enforce Non-Smoking compliance in all venues when and where food is served.