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Sydney Coffee Vans

At your next Social Event why not, dazzle your guests with cafe-style beverages served hot or cold whatever their fancy, with our state of the art Mobile facility. Aboard we can supply you with Coffee, Mini Dutch Pancakes, Milkshakes, Gelato, and much more along with a service guaranteed to Please ! 'Sydney Coffees' literally is a 'Cafe on wheels'.

Each custom-built Espresso van features an espresso machine, coffee grinder, blender, fridges, Gelato Freezer, Mini Dutch Pancake hot plate, and even hot water. Our menu includes a wide variety of hot and cold beverages such as cappuccinos, lattes, short and long blacks, flat whites, mochas, iced coffees, hot chocolates, frozen fruit frappes and an assortment of cakes, slices and cookies.

We'll do all the work for you

There's no set up, no preparation, no serving, no cleaning up ... so you can relax and enjoy yourself or concentrate on other aspects of the event.

  • Benefits of booking a 'Cafe on Wheels' for your next event include:
  • You can hire a van for your event absolutely FREE.
    Your guests will enjoy the finest coffees and cafe-style beverages onsite.
  • There's no preparation or set up required, we do all that on your behalf
  • Our vans don't require water, so we can operate anywhere, anytime but we do need power.
  • You can take advantage of a personalised incentive plan, where you receive a percentage of every cup sold at your event.
  • We make the coffees and serve your guests, so you can get on with more important things at your function.
  • There's no cleaning or packing up at the end, of your event/function.

'SydneyCoffees' employs professionally trained and qualified staff, who pride in what they do.  To avoid disappointment, Bookings are essential, phone Martin on 0417 237 524 or email

Hot Drinks Menu

  • Cappuccino - espresso shot, steamed milk, a thick layer of froth & dusted with chocolate
  • Flat White - espresso shot, steamed milk, with virtually no froth
  • Café Latte - espresso shot, steamed milk & a dollop of froth
  • Café Mocha - espresso shot infused with chocolate, steamed milk & a dollop of froth
  • Espresso - an intense shot of espresso coffee
  • Long Black - espresso shot & hot water
  • Macchiato - espresso shot, a dash of milk & a dollop of froth
  • Hot Chocolate - rich chocolate, steamed milk, a thin layer of froth & dusted with chocolate
  • Chai Latte - spicy vanilla & cinnamon, steamed milk, froth & dusted with cinnamon
  • Vienna Espresso - delicious latte or mocha flavour with creamed milk, topped with optional whipped cream & chocolate

Cold Drinks Menu

  • Iced Coffee - a cool and icy alternative with the flavour of espresso
  • Iced Mocha - a cool and icy alternative with the flavour of espresso and a hint of chocolate
  • Iced Chocolate - rich chocolate & milk blended with ice cream
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